A Positive Experience For Your Child At The Orthodontist

Your child’s orthodontic journey is an important one! It’s the road to health, confidence and many added benefits! This is going to be a big change, but it’s one that we are going to help with – every step of the way! At Braces Plus, we are proud to put our patients first. From personalized care, to a compassionate team and a relaxing environment – we have everything in place to make your child’s experience a positive one! 


Starting With a Smile! 

From the moment your child walks in the door, you’ll be greeted with a smile. We’ll give you a tour of our comfortable and child-friendly office. There are iPads and games available to keep your child entertained! 



During your child’s consultation, Dr. Eimar will take his time to listen to you and your child. He will explain the treatment process and our team will be there with you ever step of the way! 

If at any time your child feels anxious, we can take a break. Dr. Eimar understands that this is a new change, and we want to approach using care and comfort. We have many years of experience and can take it step by step, so everyone feels comfortable! 



Dr. Eimar will assess everything from your child’s bite and jaw, to facial structure and airways. He will also evaluate your child’s oral health condition too. Using this information our team can personalize the treatment plan to your child’s needs. 

Orthodontic treatment options can include wearing a palatal expander, braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Based on what your child’s case needs, we will recommend the appropriate orthodontic appliance. 


Overcoming Fear 

It is normal for a child to feel apprehensive for their first orthodontic appointment. Most times this fear comes from ‘not knowing’ what will happen or potential ‘discomfort’. Good news – Dr. Eimar is here to address any fears about the appointment or treatment itself! 

Don’t believe the myths! Our team will explain your treatment in simple terms to help overcome any fears. We have many solutions, including showing each piece of equipment and explaining what it does, to taking fun breaks in our patient lounge. 



We celebrate along the way with you!

Have a Positive Experience With Us!

We can’t wait to transform your child’s smile and make it a positive experience! Contact our team at Braces Plus in Airdrie, to book your FREE consultation to get started. 

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