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A place where extraordinary smiles and fabulous faces are
created in addition to our unforgettable and remarkable patient experience!

Open early mornings, evenings and Saturdays!

Simple and transparent

Flexible biweekly payments as low as $99!

Direct billing to your Insurance company!

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Dr. Eimar is proud to be a part of your Airdrie Community!

Book a Free Consultation

We now offer our patients the choice to come in for their consultations or to have a full virtual consultation from home. You can speak to an expert about your treatment options, any questions or concerns you may have, and you can even get a quote!

Affordable Braces At Any Age!

Braces for Kids

Early diagnosis and treatment can help guide facial growth and tooth eruption, minimizing treatment time in full braces and provide the best and most stable results possible.


Braces for Teens

Are you looking to get your teen a healthy, long lasting beautiful smile? We offer Metal, Clear and Gold braces.

Braces for Adults

It is never too late to fix your smile and boost your confidence. today you can choose from a variety of braces that are comfortable and aesthetic.

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Invisalign For The Whole Family

Invisalign for Kids

At Braces+, we offer Invisalign First, the newest choice for childhood orthodontics. Invisalign First can be used to correct issues with arch development, tooth crowding and spacing, aesthetics alignment.

Invisalign for Teens

Bummed out about having braces? Invisalign Teenยฎ gives you a whole new way to wear braces for a โ€œclearlyโ€ amazing smile! Invisalign Teen aligners are a perfect fit for your lifestyle!

Invisalign for Adults

If you feel that age is a factor to have braces and or you are concerned about public appearance, then Invisalign treatment could be a solution for you!