Why Mouthguards Are Important for Patients with Braces

If you’re one of the many people who are currently wearing braces, you may be wondering if a mouthguard is something you need. The answer is yes – mouthguards are important. They are even MORE important for patients with braces! Our team at Braces Plus is happy to explain why. 


If you play sports or participate in any type of activity that involves contact, a mouth guard can help protect your teeth from being damaged. Think of a mouth guard as an extra piece of protective equipment. Just like a helmet, knee pads or shin pads! 

Your braces are an orthodontic appliance made out of metal and wires. Mouthguards can also help protect your braces from being damaged. If you wear a mouthguard while playing sports or participating in activities that involve contact, it can help keep your braces from being broken or dislodged.

Even if you are using Invisalign clear aligners for your orthodontic treatment, we still ask our patients to wear a mouthguard. This is because your oral cavity needs to be protected. If you sustain an oral injury, it can set back your orthodontic treatment! 

So, if you’re wondering whether or not you should wear a mouthguard, the answer is yes! Mouth guards are essential for all our active patients at Braces Plus! Ask us about custom-made mouthguards for you or your child. As school activities begin to pick-up in Airdrie, it is important to be prepared! We can help you find the perfect mouth guard to protect your teeth and keep your orthodontic treatment on the right track! 

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