How To Have A Braces-Friendly BBQ!

Braces can feel very daunting when it comes to certain types of foods. You’re probably wondering what exactly you can eat, especially during these summer months. Don’t worry. Dr. Eimar and our team here at Braces Plus have a few healthy foods you can enjoy if you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment at your next barbecue!

Eat Sliced or Blended Fruits and Veggies 

Most barbecues have some type of fruit or vegetable tray. Sure, fruits and vegetables are healthy for your teeth and gums, however, there are a few details you should consider before biting into your next celery stick.  

According to the Canadian Association of Orthodontics, people with braces should always aim for sliced, blended, or soft fruits and veggies. Try to reach for snacks such as sliced carrots, grilled veggies, corn off the cob, or a salad with spinach, kale, and avocado!

Enjoy Softer Foods At Your BBQ 

Besides fruits and veggies, there are many other foods you can enjoy at your next summer barbecue. Softer foods like baked beans, soft cheeses, meat that falls off the bone, or soft breads are your friends at a barbecue!

Avoid These Foods At Your Next Barbecue

While you are able to enjoy many common camping foods, such as delicious burgers, hotdogs and fish, there are a few things you should stray away from. Harder foods such as corn on the cob, nuts and jerky, and popcorn can be difficult to bite into. They can loosen the wires and brackets of your braces, and could even cause damage to them! S’mores may be a campfire favourite, but can result in a sticky mess in your teeth to clean up if you’re undergoing treatment.

Be sure to avoid anything too acidic, asw well. According to a research article found in the International Journal of Dentistry, acidic substances can negatively affect the bond strength of braces, so it’s important to avoid acidic, high-in-sugar foods or carbonated beverages.

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