An Overbite vs an Underbite

You’ve probably heard the terms “overbite” and “underbite” before, but do you know what they mean? Our jaw alignment is important as it can affect our day to day activities, such as eating and the way we speak. At Braces Plus, we always strive for excellence when caring for you and your smile. Let’s look at the difference between these two common bites, and what it means for your oral health!


An overbite is a very common type of malocclusion which means “bad bite”. This occurs when the upper front jaw protrudes and creates an overlap of the lower jaw alignment. “Bucked teeth” comes to mind when visualizing an overbite, and can be passed down through generations. Childhood habits such as thumbsucking or prolonged pacifier use can also be the cause for developing an overbite. Health risks that can develop from this include speech impediments, biting your cheeks while chewing, and breathing issues.


Just like an overbite, an underbite is very common. This occurs when you close your mouth and your bottom front teeth rest over your upper front teeth. In a lot of cases, this has more to do with the alignment of your bottom jaw than the top. Like the overbite, the most common cause of this is genetics. Problems that can arise from an underbite is the inability to speak clearly and chewing deficiencies.

What Can I Do?

During your consultation with Dr. Eimar, it’s important to highlight what you want to achieve to make your dream smile come true. Here, we can make a customized treatment plan to resolve your overbite or underbite issue! Common methods of intervention include braces, Invisalign and depending on the severity, oral surgery. Treatment time varies from case to case.

Serving the Airdrie Community! 

We want to be your first choice for orthodontic treatment in Airdrie and the surrounding communities! Give us a call at 403-960-5555 to book your consultation. For more information on our services like Invisalign and braces, email us at admin@bracesplus.com and we will make sure to get back to you!

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