Accelerated Orthodontics

Do you have a graduation or a wedding coming up soon and wish to finish your orthodontic treatment faster?

Accelerated orthodontics may be the answer!

Braces+ offers the latest technology in advanced orthodontics, PROPEL VPRO+, to reduce treatment time, with fewer treatment visits and increase predictability for both patients in traditional braces or using Invisalign™ aligners. PROPEL VPRO+ is an innovative technology. PROPEL VPRO+ is a device that has the FDA approval that generates high-frequency vibrations encouraging biological activity around teeth thus enhancing their movement and reducing discomfort. It only needs to be worn for 5 minutes a day.

You can enjoy a perfect smile faster than ever before.

Contact Dr. Eimar to schedule an appointment to learn more about Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment with Propel® Orthodontics System, as well as see if you qualify for Invisalign® or braces. Call today!